March 1, 2017 @ 9:51 PM

14 years ago I gave an interview for the greek magazine EINAI (´EINAI´ means ´is´).
Today I found this magazine in a box.  Issue No. 653/18 NOV 2003... 14 years ago... damn, time goes by so fast.

Reporter: Mr. Stoltidis, what are the reasons your clients turn to you?
A. Stoltidis: With regard to private citizens, they turn to us for personal and family problems, while companies come to us in search of debtors, personnel control or collaborators, and imitation of products. However, we do not always take on all cases. We do not accept those which conflict with our professional ethics. We do not gather evidence for the interested party who wants to use it for malicious or blackmailing ...

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